Environmental Management

With the goal of providing the best practices for driving Cultivando Agua Boa/Cultivating Good Water, Itaipu bases environmental management program on ISO 14001. This internationally accepted methodology defines required to establish and operate an Environmental Management System.
The PDCA concept, derived from the standard means : Plan, Do, Check, Action. It is to say : Plan, Do, Check, Action corrections.

These quality principles were adopted as references for managing Cultivando Agua Boa program.
On this basis, the actions of the program are planned, implemented, evaluated and then translated into corrective, preventive and improvement actions.

The socio-environmental performance of the program is presented annually in a report following an international model of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a network composed by different specialists worldwide.
The report mentions 30 environmental indicators, 40 social indicators and 9 economic indicators.


Management Model

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Participative Management

Information Territory Management

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