Information Territory Management

The Agua Boa Cultivando program requires a well-organized system to collect and process information relating to each of three areas of the Parana Basin. Called Information Territory Management, this tool is for fundamental and strategic decision making.
The lack of knowledge of the territory could impede or compromise solutions and suitable alternatives to the correction of environmental liabilities.




In this way, for a scientific and systemic knowledge of the complex reality of the Parana Basin 3, a multi-disciplinary set of instruments has been developed to provide a database of the region. Using a Multi-Final Technique Cadastre, the Region Management program seeks to instruct all existing information and those who are in constant acquisition process, the use of different levels of management and project teams of Cultivando Agua Boa/Cultivating Good Water.

In practice, this tool exists to implement research policies and management of local information, the manipulation of socio-economic, environmental and geographic data, such as the use of satellite mapping techniques.

Currently, this is done by the Geographic Information System Sig @ Livre – free software developed in partnership with Itaipu and the Itaipu Technological Park (ITP).



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