“Flowers of the Future” is a concept proposing audio-visual creations, written considerations, free exchanges…
The shared line is to stimulate reflection about the coming of a new paradigm.
It means to create a new representation of the world, through a coherent thinking model based on valors and ideas adapted to the necessary changes of the present paradigm.
It is about to propose some kind and positive visions of the Future, from pratical, innovating and determined experiences, collectives or individuals.

Each movie, each writing, each life story, as a flower, offers its perfume of hope and its colors of action, making up a bouquet of bold and creative initiatives, vital to face the challenges of the new century and the new millenary.

You can contribute by your participation to the harmonious construction of a new local and global logic.

Our future belongs to us. Share our dreams and our hopes.
Free our imagination.

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