To understand the philosophical context

around the documentary 
“Cultivating Flowers of the Future: Good Water”,

here you will find exclusive interviews and articles that sum up
the concepts 
of those who work to create a new paradigm.


Danielle MITTERRAND :  Water, a Common Asset

First Lady of France (1981-1995), President of the France-Libertés Foundation

Carlos NOBRE :  A Sense of Urgency

Member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Jorge SAMEK :  Political Will

General Director of binational company Itaipu-Brazil

Nelton FRIEDRICH :  The School of Synergy

Coordination Director of binational company Itaipu-Brazil

Leonardo BOFF :  The Ethics of Care

Theologian, philosopher, writer. Member of the Charter of the Earth Commission.

Pedro ARROJO :  Water, Rivers, Peoples

Founder of New Water Cultrure. 2003 Goldman Award


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